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Fix a Stuck Cartridge

Here are some steps to fix a jammed cartridge.
The steps are:
• Soaking the print head surface with warm water, head cartridge likely clogged. So one of the easiest solution is to soak the entire surface of the print head with warm water, if necessary, use a toothbrush with soft bristles, do not be rough because it can cause the ink bubble expands.

• Surgical catridge. Follow the steps below:
1. Prepare equipment, such as ink bottles, syringes, kitchen knives, paper towels and duct tape.
2. Open the top cover of the ink with a knife, make sure the blade right on the stretch between the cover and body ink catridge. Cut open the fruit such as durian. You'll see a form of white cotton. Usually if you just bought is only a little ink. This proves that the producers do not just fill the maximum capacity ink cartridge.
3. Remove the cotton and soak into the liquid IPA or warm water to clean, do not forget to clean the printer ink tank also. Once clean, recharge by injection or meneteskannya. Do it slowly and it is recommended do not get too full (sekucupnya), so as not to flood.
4. Replace the cover and tighten cartridge, you can use glue or tape. Cartridge is ready for use.
• Boiling catridge with boiling water, if the above still fails the possibility of his case that bubble is not clogged, but the ink channel is in the catidgenya been frozen due to dried ink. Do Diagnostic cartridge, lift the cotton and soak into the liquid IPA or warm water to clean, do not forget to clean the printer ink tank also. Prepare clean water, then input all the devices catridge already dissected and cleaned into a clean container containing water, turn on the stove allow the water to a boil then turn off the stove wait until the water is warm. Once the water gets warm take catridge devices and wipe with clean cloth / dry. After that, do not forget to refill the ink in accordance with the color, try to put it back into the printer.

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Inject Printer Tips

There are a few tips to inject printers, among others:
1. Canon Printer
a. Speed ​​OK compared to Epson printers and HP,
b. The most durable, good if usage is more dominant than the color black,
c. Results nice colors and fast drying,
d. Print Text Draft clear,
e. Low price,
f. Suitable for offices,
g. Roller quickly broken (at the time attracted a lot of paper / paper jam) Special IP12k, 16K, 17k, 1880, MPseries / AIO,
h. For images Human slightly red (less natural)
i. Easily damaged color cartridge (a special type IP1200 s / d 1880 and B / C series (cartridge whose color join in a cartridge) if often print color,
j. At the time the print is sometimes like there is flooding in the paper even though new cartridge / refill yet,
k. Less suitable for printing business except for some printers.

2. Epson Printer
a. The best color results compared with the Canon / HP,
b. Cheap if you already use an IV because it does not replace the cartridge,
c. Rate good engine durability,
d. Suitable for the use of color / image,
e. Suitable for printing / digital photo,
f. Print text / black is less good because the base black and blue (if canon, hp pure black) become somewhat brownish black.
g. If a lot of wear photo paper (especially the glossy double / double side) will quickly rollernya,
h. The results underlined that often change brands of refill inks (fast head taxable),
i. Somewhat slower than the Canon and HP,
j. Print Daft less good because the blur (blur),
k. Must attach external exile, because more time cleaning the ink feed

3. HP Printer
a. Best suited for offices that use plain paper,
b. Cartridge more durable than the canon,
c. Most cheaper than Canon and Epson,
d. The best text results than the Canon and Epson,
e. Print color better than canon,
f. Not good in the use of photo paper because the system of withdrawal of the paper roll from bottom to top,
g. If the infusion is not recommended to use frequently on the move,
h. The result of the majority of problematic color print after every refill / infusion,
i. Cartridge often floods when it refill,
j. Main board quick printers die because it is just below the parking Cartridge (exposed to bursts of ink),
k. Software is often problematic (paper jam / Offline / no respond),
l. When you place the paper not quite fit sometimes there are many who are interested in and folded paper.

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Ink Infusion on HP Printers

This time we will peel thoroughly how the installation of ink infusion. This method is based on his own experience, resulting from the use of ink injection style that makes fatigue, annoyance, despair, stress, compulsive obsessif and finally understood. Moreover, the use of original cartridges that actually undermine the bag.
Let us begin, prepare the equipment required:

1. Printer, preferably an expired warranty.
2. Place ink + infusion.
2. Solder or drill to pierce the cartridge, as a way of entry of infusion.
3. Brain, to think.

Although different types of printers but the same principle the installation of ink infusion (as far as knowledge of the author).
In this experiment the writer uses the HP Deskjet D2466 Printer.

This stage is the most decisive as well as the highest peaks of art because here we are required to think, how do I log on infusion tube into the printer, so that when the printer is working, do not interrupt the tubing cartridge.

After a specified "entrance" immediately put infusion in order of the scheme, the input content of the ink into the bottle.

Always position the bottle of ink with the printer on a parallel position. Do not ever picked up the bottle of ink because it will result in washed out ink cartridges.
Be careful on the printer that is still under warranty because the warranty will be lost!

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Epson TX111 - General Eror

Ever happened to Epson TX111 Printer with CISS systems come out of General Error (flashing lights), then get out there writing and writings of General Error: please erase all the print job, turn off your printer, remove any foreign objects inside the printer and blah blah blah .. ?
There are several solutions to fix them, among others:

1. Can use tx 111 resetter
2. if it says the computer screen tells GENERAL ERROR from Epson printer then it should be done turn off the printer, check cardrige infusion if installed correctly position. Check the USB data cable from the printer connected to a computer (usually a new cable too often breaking in) and the latter might be the mainboard.
3. If the General Error in the position of the lights blink alternately between the power and resume (power Green, Orange colored Resume) it was a sign asking the Reset Printer. Reset itself is actually a warning from the printer that the printer has reached its climax in the use, does not mean the printer is broken but INK in the shelter already OVER tank / full so that no exhaust system, sometimes constrained our printer ink is often leaky and everywhere.
4. About writing: please erase all the print job, turn off your printer, remove any foreign objects inside the printer. The printer works through the computers that send data to the printer. Printer receive it through the mainboard and the mainboard printer has a memory to store data received from the computer which is a collection of commands. What happens if the memory on the mainboard printer management and over-load? There was a message above. The solution, first open a control panel, select the printer and faxs, 2x left click your printer, see the jobs that are running and which makes constraints, delete all jobs, if it Restart your computer and then check again if you still have a job printer who delayed?? if not the printer is ready for use.

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Epson Artisan 725 All In One

Epson Artisan 725 offers high image quality over three in one is more competitive and is the fastest in world Artisan with a print resolution of 4 "x 6 " photos with a speed of 10 seconds, without sacrificing quality. And, it is for print projects daily with 9.5 ppm print speed ISO ISO (black) and ISO 9 ppm (color). Artisan 725 is perfect for any room in your home either for print,. scan, and memory access slots3 card from the room with a convenient Wi-Fi. wireless network and built-in Ethernet network. You can even use it to print directly from your iPhone or other mobile devices.

The advantages of the Epson Artisan 725
1. Ultra Hi-Definition
2. Wireless and Ethernet networks and cable networks, print, scan, and access the memory card slots3
3. Photo berlualitas good, anti scratch, water and fade resistance
4 Picture Perfect easier Auto Photo Correction and red-eye removal
5. Print directly from your phone - supports the iPhone and other mobile devices devices

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